August count-down

Well, I didn’t do very well with posting on this blog about the NEH institute, other than the one post from the first week. It was a great time–smart, interesting, and friendly, supportive participants, good organizers, and for the most part good “teachers” (experts who led the various units on sustainability–history, literature, philosophy, and religion). Was there a bit of ego on display? Some old-school lecture style of presentation? Stultifying powerpoint presentations?

On the other hand, great discussions, lots of suggestions for resources, and totally inspiring. I’ve got a couple of projects in mind–“Writing the River,” an essay and a course to offer, perhaps next fall. My reading list just jumped exponentially. And an enlarged sense of place–Arizona and otherwise. The field trips were great–in fact below are a couple of pictures.

But now the countdown begins, till school starts August 29. The SRSC program is looking really good–30 applicants since we went live with it about 3 months ago. I’m almost ready for my new grad course, Black Feminisms and the Politics of Community–still some reading/re-reading to do, and some Blackboard work to be ready for a wonderful course.

If I had to pick a color that represents Arizona, it would be this/these, as well as burnt orange (see the third picture). I had a great time experimenting with my new Nikon 3100….

2–I saw this sort of fuzzy plant a lot, and always bees and in this case, a moth, buzzing (or fluttering) around.

3–On a blazingly hot day we were almost done in by our tour of the ancient pueblos (c. 1200). Gorgeous constructions and colors and stories about how they lived.

Moth in a Bush

Waputki Pueblo