I like close-ups but wonder if it’s because I’m nosy at heart and like to get all up in flowers’ grill to see what they’re up to. Here are today’s up close and personals with our purple-pink azaleas and lilac lilacs.

Purply pink azalea

Purply pink azalea

Largely pink lilac....

Largely pink lilac….

Naturally, as soon as my 4- and 8-year-old granddaughters see me out and about with my camera, they’re done with whatever was once so important and are with me holding our subjects still and prying my fingers loose so they can take their own shots. Here’s one of Omni’s close-ups–a nice curly cue grape vine, dried and hanging from our also dried and slightly crumbly swing…

We had a heck of a time getting this blowsy dandelion to hold still enough in the light breeze. We propped the macro lens on our garden gate and took turns holding the green stem. Team work!

Dandelion poof before the wind took its little seedlings away

Dandelion poof before the wind took its little seedlings away

I think maybe it’s not nosiness but delight in the secrets of this amazing world we have, right there in our own backyards. Even an ugly back yard retreats if there’s one nice flower or curly cue to hone in on. Maybe if we look a little closer at the simple things at hand we will learn what it takes to appreciate the more complicated whole.

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